Sira 200

Distance(km) Instruction Comments
0 START Start: Cafe Coffee Day, M G Road 22/06 05:30 22/06 06:30
0.1 TL Enter MG Road and head left and then straight towards Cubbon Park
1.5 TR Turn Right onto Queens Road at Cubbon Park Junction (Chinnaswamy Stadium to your right after turn)
2 KL Keep Left at Minsk Square onto Rajbhavan Road
2.3 SO Stay on Rajbhavan road at GPO Junction (GPO to your left)
3.1 TR Turn right at Hotel Chalukya onto Palace Road after you pass Rajbhavan
3.3 TL Turn left at first junction after skybridge to get onto Sankey’s Road, pass Golf Course to your left
4.1 KR At Windsor Yield circle, keep right to stay on Sankey’s Road, pass under Windsor Overbridge
4.5 SO Climb flyover onto Chowdaiah Road, pass National Tuberculosis Institute at end of flyover
5.3 KL Keep left after passing Cauvery Theatre and petrol pump
5.3 UT Take immediate right U-turn after the left, pass by Girias showroom, turn left to get onto Ramana Maharishi Road/Chowdaiah Road
6.5 KL Keep left at Underpass, DO NOT take underpass
6.6 TL Turn left at Mekhri Circle onto C V Raman Road and continue on this road till C N R Rao Circle
8.5 TR Turn right at C N R Rao Circle after passing by Indian Institute of Science, pass BHEL Ceramics Division
9.4 SO Take the flyover at Yeshwantpur Circle
10 TR Turn right at fork in front of Metro Cash and Carry to get onto Tumkur Road/NH-4
SO Pass by Toll Booth
19.6 SO Stay on NH-4 at Nice Road Interchange
SO Stay on NH-4 at Nelamangala [unclear]
65.5 KR Keep Right on Road towards Pune/Chitradurga near Tumkur
106.81 CONTROL Hotel Ranganath, Karajeevanahalli Toll Gate. A small shack in a cluster of shops just after Karajeevanahalli Toll Gate to the left. Identifiable by presence of a PCO and two DTH dishes stuck to a treetrunk. Take a
U-turn and return from here.
22/06 08:39 22/06 12:38 Karajeevanahalli Toll Gate
149.31 SO Toll Booth: Nelamangala
159.01 SO Cafe Coffee Day
181.31 SO Toll Booth: Nelamangala
184.31 SO Toll Booth: Nelamangala
194.31 SO Nice Road Interchange
KL Do not take flyover
197.61 TL Turn left at 8th Mile Junction/Hesaraghatta Cross besides Petrol Pump to get onto Hesaraghatta Main Road(Take left towards Hesarghatta)
199.71 END As you approach Chimney Hills Airforce Station, there will be a fork in the road. The SBI ATM for the control is to your right. 22/06 11:23 22/06 19:00
Backup Atm: Take the left at the fork, and climb up to Chimney Hills Airforce Station, you will pass two gates, the ATM is behind the second gate
200.89 SUBMIT CARDS Keep right at the fork to stay on Hesaraghatta Main Road, and continue
further down to a Cafe Coffee Day to submit your brevet cards, pay medal fees, etc.
Checkpoint Place Open Close
0km MGRoad 22/06 05:30 22/06 06:30
107km Karajeevanahalli Toll Gate 22/06 08:39 22/06 12:38
200km Bangalore 22/06 11:23 22/06 19:00
TL: Turn Left, TR: Turn Right, KL: Keep Left, KR: Keep Right, SO: Stay on/Keep Straight, UT: U-turn