Ranebennur 600

Distance(km) Instruction Comments
0 START Start: Cafe Coffee Day, M G Road 21/06 03:00 21/06 04:00
0.1 TL Enter MG Road and head left
0.2 UT Take an immediate right U-turn and head towards Trinity Circle
1.2 TL Take Left at Trinity Circle, pass by Taj Residency and The Park Hotel on your left
1.58 KR Keep right at fork with Ulsoor lake to your left, pass by Madras Sappers on your left
2.34 KR Keep right at fork to continue towards Old Madras Road
3.21 SO Join Old Madras Road
6.74 SO Pass by RMZ Infinity on your left
7.2 TL Take the ramp going left to join Outer Ring Road just after railway undercross
18.06 SO Continue straight at Hebbal flyover. DO NOT take flyover, continue towards Tumkur Road
21.94 SO Pass BEL Circle
23.92 SO Pass Railway crossing
25.25 TR Take right to join Tumkur Road/NH-4
32.6 SO Stay on NH-4 at Nice Road Interchange
78.81 KR Keep Right on Road towards Pune/Chitradurga near Tumkur
119.81 SO Karajeevanahalli Toll Gate.
132.36 SO Stay on road towards Pune
172 SO Pass by Hotel Greenland on left
173.5 KL Keep left to enter Hiriyur, do not take the NH-4 bypass, pass by Ranjith Lodge to your left
174.7 CONTROL Canara Bank ATM on the right side of the Main Road. 21/06 08:09 21/06 14:40
Backup ATM: State Bank of Mysore ATM on Church Road(left at previous intersection) or any other ATM on the main road
176.6 SO Continue forward to exit Hiriyur and join NH-4 towards Pune/Chitradurga
213.5 KL Keep
left to enter Chitradurga, pass by overhead sign welcoming you to the
“City of Forts” OR continue on bypass road towards Pune(slightly longer)
214.59 SO Ride straight past circle with statue, and police station on other side
215.5 SO Keep riding straight, until you come to a circle
215.55 SO Ride ahead onto a road with a one-way sign towards the bus stand
215.76 SO Pass by bus stand and Syndicate Bank ATM on opposite side of road
216.76 SO Cross Railway Crossing
217.7 TL Exit Chitradurga by passing an overhead “Thank you” board, and take left onto NH-4 at the intersection that follows
271.2 SO Davanagere Bypass
308 KL Enter the Rannebennur Main road from NH-4 near a sign indicating the Left, opposite Tungabhadra Ginning Ranebennur Entry Sign Tungabhadra Ginning Mill
TR Take a right under the flyover and take an immediate left
SO Continue Straight
314 CONTROL ATMs: SBI, Axis Bank opposite. Syndicate Bank slightly ahead. MORE grocery store 21/06 12:27 21/06 23:56
319 SO Turn back and stay on main road and join NH-4 towards Chitradurga/Tumkur
409.3 TR Turn
right at circle to enter Chitradurga with overhead board “Welcome to
Chitradurga”. There are three mobile towers to your left at this turn.(Optional – you can continue riding on the highway  – slightly longer)
410.23 SO Railway crossing
411.1 SO Pass by Bus Stand, a few shops open 24hrs
411.5 SO At M G Circle, keep straight at about 11 o’clock, pass by shop called Valero
412 SO Pass by SBI/Canara Bank ATM
412.07 TR Turn right at Mahaveera Circle
412.48 SO Pass by Statue
413.6 SO Exit Chitradurga
413.7 TR Under flyover, take right to take the service road which joins NH-4 further ahead
421.8 SO Jaihind Hotel
438.73 SO Toll Booth: Guilalu
450.3 TR Tricky: Lookout for Hiriyur sign in the middle of the road and take service road to the left or just walk/cross the road and take service road on the right to enter Hiriyur main road
452 KL To continue on main road
452.5 CONTROL Canara Bank ATM on your left 21/06 16:54 22/06 09:12
Backup ATM: State Bank of Mysore ATM on Church Road ahead and to your right/any ATM in Hiriyur
454.23 SO Continue on main road and join NH-4 towards Bangalore
581.11 SO Toll Booth: Nelamangala
594.11 SO Nice Road Interchange
KL Do not take flyover. Keep left after you cross the NHAI toll booth on the other side of the road
597.41 TL Turn left at 8th Mile Junction/Hesaraghatta Cross besides IBP Petrol Pump to get onto Hesaraghatta Main Road
599.51 END As you approach Chimney Hills Airforce Station, there will be a fork in the road. The SBI ATM for the control is to your right. 21/06 21:48 22/06 19:00
Backup: ICICI ATM on the other side of the road/Take the left at the fork, and climb up to Chimney Hills Airforce Station, you will pass two gates, the ATM is behind the second gate
600.69 SUBMIT CARDS Keep
right at the fork to stay on Hesaraghatta Main Road, and continue
further down to a Cafe Coffee Day to submit your brevet cards, pay medal
fees, etc.
Checkpoint Place Open Close
0km MGRoad 21/06 03:00 21/06 04:00
175km Hiriyur 21/06 08:09 21/06 14:40
314km Ranebennur 21/06 12:27 21/06 23:56
453km Hiriyur 21/06 16:54 22/06 09:12
600km Bangalore 21/06 21:48 22/06 19:00
TL: Turn Left, TR: Turn Right, KL: Keep Left, KR: Keep Right, SO: Stay on/Keep Straight, UT: U-turn