Belgaum 1000

Distance(km) Instruction Comments
0 START Start: Cafe Coffee Day, M G Road 19/06 16:00 19/06 17:00
0.1 TL Enter MG Road and head left and then straight towards Cubbon Park
1.5 TR Turn Right onto Queens Road at Cubbon Park Junction (Chinnaswamy Stadium to your right after turn)
2 KL Keep Left at Minsk Square onto Rajbhavan Road
2.3 SO Stay on Rajbhavan road at GPO Junction (GPO to your left)
3.1 TR Turn right at Hotel Chalukya onto Palace Road after you pass Rajbhavan
3.3 TL Turn left at first junction after skybridge to get onto Sankey’s Road, pass Golf Course to your left
4.1 KR At Windsor Yield circle, keep right to stay on Sankey’s Road, pass under Windsor Overbridge
4.5 SO Climb flyover onto Chowdaiah Road, pass National Tuberculosis Institute at end of flyover
5.3 KL Keep left after passing Cauvery Theatre and petrol pump
5.3 UT Take immediate right U-turn after the left, pass by Girias showroom, turn left to get onto Ramana Maharishi Road/Chowdaiah Road
6.5 KL Keep left at Underpass, DO NOT take underpass
6.6 TL Turn left at Mekhri Circle onto C V Raman Road and continue on this road till C N R Rao Circle
8.5 TR Turn right at C N R Rao Circle after passing by Indian Institute of Science, pass BHEL Ceramics Division
9.4 SO Take the flyover at Yeshwantpur Circle
10 TR Turn right at fork in front of Metro Cash and Carry to get onto Tumkur Road/NH-4
SO Pass by Toll Booth
19.6 SO Stay on NH-4 at Nice Road Interchange
SO Stay on NH-4 at Nelamangala [unclear]
65.5 KR Keep Right on Road towards Pune/Chitradurga near Tumkur
106.81 SO Karadevanahalli Toll Gate.
119.36 SO Stay on road towards Pune
159 SO Pass by Hotel Greenland on left Hotel Greenland Photo
160.5 KL Keep left to enter Hiriyur, do not take the NH-4 bypass, pass by Ranjith Lodge to your left
163.6 KR Continue on Main road to exit Hiriyur and join NH-4 towards Pune/Chitradurga
200.5 KL Keep left to enter Chitradurga, pass by overhead sign welcoming you to the “City of Forts”
202 SO Pass by Union bank ATM, ICICI Bank and LIC office to your left
201.59 SO Ride straight past circle with statue, and police station on other side
202.25 CONTROL Use any of these ATMs: Canara Bank, Corporation Bank or SBI Bank, Syndicate Bank (on opposite side of road) 19/06 21:59 20/06 05:32
202.5 SO Keep riding straight, until you come to a circle
202.55 SO Ride ahead onto a road with a one-way sign towards the bus stand
202.76 SO Pass by bus stand and Syndicate Bank ATM on opposite side of road
SO Pass by Karnataka Bank ATM
203.76 SO Cross Railway Crossing
204.7 TL Exit Chitradurga by passing an overhead “Thank you” board, and take left onto NH-4 at the intersection that follows
230 SO Watch out for speed breakers at end of descent
258.2 SO Davanagere Bypass, road becomes two-lane.
265 SO Bad Roads for the next few kilometers
295 SO (Optional)Rannebennur
entry to left and right under bridge opposite Tungabhadra Ginning: has
MORE grocery store; main road joins back NH-4
Ranebennur Entry Sign Tungabhadra Ginning Mill
308.61 SO Pass by Kamath Upachar and Reliance Petrol Pump
311.3 SO Go over the flyover over the railway tracks
354.3 SO Pass by Toll Booth — Bankapur
404.66 TR Take right at big circle, pointing the road to Hubli
406.95 KL Keep Left at fork
408.29 SO Stay On road towards Rani Chennama circle, pass police station on right, Zam Zam on left
408.79 TL Take Left at Rani Chennamma Circle, pass Old Bus Stand on left
409.25 CONTROL Look
out for building with Hotel Tirumala on your right; the same building
has an SBI ATM. A little further on the road is the Corporation ATM on
your right
20/06 04:28 20/06 19:20
409.27 SO Pass IT Park Hubli on your right
409.57 TL Take Left towards Airport/BypassRoad on Gokul Road
411.75 SO Lots on ATMs on either side of the road
414.5 SO Pass Entrance to Hubli Airport on right
416.3 SO Keep straight at Left T
417.83 SO Keep straight at Right Curve
418.46 TL Take Left after going under the bridge and go through Toll gate
418.63 TL Take Left U to be back on the 2-lane Bypass Road towards Belgaum/Pune
487.6 SO Toll Booth: Hirebagewadi/Dharwad
501.78 SO Direction
board shows left to Belgaum Fort. DO NOT TAKE LEFT ONTO OLD P.B ROAD.
Keep green “Pune 347kms…” to your left as you climb a flyover.
First Belgaum Exit
504.21 KL Take the Belgaum exit Correct Belgaum Exit
506.47 TL Take left to Belgaum city, pass Sankalp Residency, IOC pump to your right
506.13 CONTROL SBI ATM on your right. Food/Lodging options available if you continue straight towards bus stand. 20/06 07:42 21/06 01:48
ATM: Continue straight keeping Fort on your left till you reach bus
stand on your left. Turn left after bus stand passing Pai Residency on
your right to find Axis Bank ATM on your right.
506.48 TR Turn back towards NH-4, pass Sankalp Residency on left and take right just before the flyover to get on service road
507.25 TL Take Left under flyover with sign indicating direction towards Bangalore
507.3 TR Take Right immediately after flyover to get on service road towards Bangalore; join NH-4 ahead
524.65 SO Toll Booth: Hirebagewadi/Dharwad
558.5 SO Hotel Bharath Palace
566.5 SO Rajasthani Dhaba (on your right) Rajasthani Dhaba Photo
572.5 SO Restaurant Ec?
592.93 SO Pass by Hawa Valves
593.68 TR Turn right(U) at sign indicating Hubli Airport, and Hubli (6km) Hubli U-turn Sign
593.8 SO Toll Booth
593.89 TR Turn Right under the flyover
597.8 SO Pass by Hubli Airport, en route to Rani Chennamma circle
602.4 SO Continue Straight at Signal junction
602.8 TR Turn right at Shree Ram Residency
603.1 TR Turn right, pass by Hotel Sudha?, towards Rani Chennamma circle
603.53 CONTROL ATM: Hotel Tirumala Classic 20/06 10:57 21/06 08:21
603.76 TR Turn right at Rani Chennamma circle towards NH-4 bypass Rani Chennama Circle
604.92 SO Keep straight
605.58 KR Keep right, pass by Dargah
607.84 TL Turn left and rejoin NH-4 at Circle on NH-4
623.25 SO Kamath Upachar
626.01 SO Hotel Yatri Niwas
647.5 SO Hotel Evergreen
663.65 SO Baradur Sign, Keep Straight Mordor, this way
682.75 SO Take Diversion
683.5 SO Railway Crossing
SO Potholed Roads for next few km
701.1 SO Railway Crossing
703.1 SO Deol Punjabi Hotel
707.5 SO Ranebennur on your left: MORE grocery store
723.5 SO Toll Booth: Under Construction
725.5 KR IMPORTANT: Keep Right to bypass Harihar and Davanagere at Bangalore 282 sign overhead
734.9 KL Keep Left at sign
808 TR Turn
right at circle to enter Chitradurga with overhead board “Welcome to
Chitradurga”. There are three mobile towers to your left at this turn.
808.77 SO Railway crossing
809.8 SO Pass by Bus Stand
810 SO At M G Circle, keep straight at about 11 o’clock, pass by shop called Valero
810.5 CONTROL ATM SBI/Canara Bank 20/06 18:22 23/06 02:33
810.62 TR Turn right at Mahaveera Circle
810.98 SO Pass by Statue
812.1 SO Exit Chitradurga
812.3 TR Under flyover, take right to take the service road which joins NH-4 further ahead
820 SO Jaihind Hotel
836.93 SO Toll Booth: Guilalu
849 SO Stay on NH4 to bypass Hiriyur; Main road to your right joins NH-4 ahead if you need supplies from the town
894.22 SO Kamat Upachar
905.7 SO Toll Gate: Karadevanahalli
948.2 SO Toll Booth: Nelamangala
957.9 SO Cafe Coffee Day
980.2 SO Toll Booth: Nelamangala
983.2 SO Toll Booth: Nelamangala
993.2 SO Nice Road Interchange
KL Do not take flyover
996.5 TL Turn left at 8th Mile Junction/Hesaraghatta Cross besides IBP Petrol Pump to get onto Hesaraghatta Main Road
998.6 END As you approach Chimney Hills Airforce Station, there will be a fork in the road. The SBI ATM for the control is to your right. 21/06 01:05 23/06 19:00
Atm: Take the left at the fork, and climb up to Chimney Hills Airforce
Station, you will pass two gates, the ATM is behind the second gate. There is an ICICI bank ATM ahead and another one just above the CCD,if you miss this ATM.
999.78 SUBMIT CARDS Keep
right at the fork to stay on Hesaraghatta Main Road, and continue
further down to a Cafe Coffee Day to submit your brevet cards, pay medal
fees, etc.
23/06 10:00 23/06 20:00
Volunteer Phone Numbers: Chiddu -9880763941,
Highway Control Room and Ambulance : 09743233070, 09740029505
Hirebagewadi Police Station (on the Hubli – Belgaum Road) : 0831 – 2405280
Belgaum Police Station : 0831 – 2405240
Checkpoint Place Open Close
0km MGRoad 19/06 16:00 19/06 17:00
203km Chitradurga 19/06 21:59 21/06 05:32
410km Hubli 21/06 04:28 21/06 19:20
507km Belgaum 21/06 07:42 22/06 01:48
604km Hubli 21/06 10:57 22/06 08:21
812km Chitradurga 21/06 18:22 23/06 02:33
1000km Bangalore 22/06 01:05 23/06 19:00
TL: Turn Left, TR: Turn Right, KL: Keep Left, KR: Keep Right, SO: Stay on/Keep Straight, UT: U-turn