Kottai 200, November 1, 2014

Note: This is a non-ACP brevet


Kottai 200 is a new route for 2014 going through many small towns and villages in Tamil Nadu to the south of Bangalore.

The riders start from Silk Board and take the fast highway route on NH7 down to Krishnagiri. The route then turns towards Rayakottai and stays on state highways passing through small villages and towns, all the while climbing slowly back to Bangalore’s altitude. There is a short section of single lane village road after Anusonai on the way to Denkanikottai(hat tip to Sudhir Palliyal for discovering this road) that gives some amazing views of the surrounding hills: take a break at around 132km and look around to get a 360° view of the hills. After Denkanikottai, riders head back to Bangalore passing the TVS factory at the border. The last 20kms from Attibele to Silk Board is again on the highway.


Most of the route is in fairly good condition. From the start to Krishnagiri is on a national highway with wide roads and excellent surface. The state highways after that are also in excellent condition. A small stretch of the single lane road after Anusonai closer to Denkanikottai has some potholes.


Traffic on NH7 till Krishnagiri can be very fast but the road is wide; please ride carefully and stick to the left most lane. Traffic on the state highways is minimal with an occasional two-wheeler or bus or agricultural vehicle. The last 10kms from Electronic City to Silk Board can be very busy in the evening; please keep extra time to cover this section.


The route and altitude profile can be seen here: http://goo.gl/UB8aT5
There is about 1650m of elevation gain.
The gpx can be downloaded from the same link. Note that the gpx is available only for reference; the cue sheet provided at the start to the riders is the final course.


Cue sheet: http://goo.gl/qgQEUf


Route: Sandeep
Recee: Karthikeyan, Sandeep


Start: 6:00 : Pizza Hut, BTM Layout, Silk Board (12.916711,77.62032)
End: 19:30 : HDFC ATM (12.915981,77.619229)

Register here: http://brevetmgr.appspot.com/brevet/nov2014-kottai/
Fee: Rupees 99/-
Registrations open: 21 October 2014, 00:00
Registrations close: 29 October 2014, 23:59

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Questions by Pradeep Menon of Cochin Bikers Club regarding the new changes in India by AIR

Hi Divya,

We have some concerns which we would like to raise. Grateful if you could help to address the same.

Also it woudl be grateful if you could help to create a google doc excel to submit /raise concerns question as the tracking of concerns ,resolution would be beneficial for randonneuring in India.

1. On the software development side, many of the clubs has volunteers who would be able to help with the knowledge. We could also look at reusing the software assets created by clubs by transferring ownership to AIR. Any outside vendor(company) will cost huge amount of money for building a reliable software system. We also need to see a scalable system which can scale upto size.

2. Tool -IF ACP has already developed a tool, can we use the same tool.That would save a huge cost and synchronisations. Also it would be in direct format of Audax Club files.We could even ask for a dedicated login with an approver probably a monthly approval from AIR. This will also avoid duplication of task and future cost to stay in sync with ACP systems. Since ACP collects the fee for homologation ,we could use their system for better efficiency.

3. Fee Part.- We would like to have some clarity. Because clubs cannot raise any funds for brevet on account of support. For events approval from Government authorities we do have to engage staff.sometimes we get support from passionate officials.In Kerala every brevet ,we need to get approvals from Police(Rural SP of Police, City commissioners) , District Authorities applicable based on the geographic jurisdiction of the ride.

We take the personal money for route recce and all other admin activities.The brevet fee collect for event most of the time at the most falls deficit to cover the cost of staging the event.

4. For the Insurance part, we would like to have more clarity on how this benefit is going to be extended. This is vital as any ambiguity on this area will deprive the riders of insurance benefits.

We would like to know the coverage benefits, coverage costs, terms and conditions applicable for the insurance and exclusions if any.

Also we have a suggestion to have the same on an online platform in order to leverage the cost benefit to riders.

5. Annual Rider Membership Fee , Temporary Rider Fee

The regional clubs already allocate permanent rider numbers at zero cost. So the amount of 5-600 in addition to the brevet fee. Also a one off rider fee of 150-200.
Also there will be a cap on brevet fees.In short a club has a cost to AIR of about 300 INR solely for event for riders. And in practise most of the time there will be a considerable number of new riders.
In short riders will face additional burden of 700 rupees and any other cost the local club adds.
We have the feedbacks from the riders participated in brevets in Kochi. Fort the registration fee of 400-500 itself we do have critical complaints of expensive fees,inspite of all the benefits extended t the riders.
In Kerala, its difficult or impossible to run event based on the facebook club address.Hence we do have additional costs to cover the annual registrar charges, Auditor charges and other legal levies.

6. What would be the benefit for the rider for paying the AIR annual member ship fees. Already AIR is charging BRM fees from local clubs. Also local clubs incur cost for mentoring new riders and events.

7. We registered the club primarily for smooth conducting of events and has no other revenue streams. Brevet is conducted with the support of volunteers

Also in south india, a recent incident in forest has prompted authorities to give permissions only for registered entities.
The new regulations would create a considerable amount of monetary burden on clubs,especially those associated with brms only.

8. We would suggest revisiting the policy of mandatory AIR membership /temporary rider fee for participating in brevet. We suggest this call to be taken only after a response from riders. This will also impact the growth of randonneuring. Since the economics of amount varies based on the rider profile, geographies.

9. There are states in India without emergency ambulance services. In such states, the organizers do extend on humanitarian grounds medical,ambulance facility to reach nearest hospital incase of emergency. All these are additional costs which needs to be funded by clubs.

10. Please advise how the clubs will generate the revenue to pay to AIR since there is a cap on brm fee, AIR annual levies,no support, no branding. This would be crucial for clubs conducting only BRMs. The local organisers do spend their time,money and effort to make each brm successfull. Practically there are limitations on conducting another set of events to raise funds for covering the AIR fees for local clubs. Any sponsorship for the club by any organizaiton will be primarily given on the basis of branding on events like a supporter, preferred partner etc.

11. We would like to mention the inconsistency on the support policy. Clubs are not supposed to raise any funds, but run event on non-profit basis. At the same time there are annual financial commitments to AIR for the club and additionally for the riders who participate in brm.

Clubs are non-revenue earning entities and created by association of enthusiastic cyclists.
If clubs raise any kind of funds, the contributor do expect a visibility in the events, as for them it’s a money outgo which need to be accounted and justified. There are ground level issues, constraints in conducting events primarily for visibility.

12. Also we would like to know how the local clubs connects with the rights of AIR. Considering the local clubs as registered entity, the annual fee to AIR need to be accounted under the business relationship. Since AIR is going to be a non-profit company, there will be additional liabilities arise from that and eventually clubs has to contribute for that.

13. Whether the affiliating clubs financial contribution (money collected as fees, establishment cost) would make them as shareholders, with or without voting rights.


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Bliss in the hills

Cue sheet here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwiRK6pl7uIROWNNSXh5UzVHaGM/view


Caveat : This is a fairly challenging route, featuring some *serious* rolling terrain. You need to complete 1200km within 90 hours across challenging terrain, lonely roads, forest stretches, manage your sleep cycles and still manage to ride. Please please don’t register if you have not trained well. Our recommendation is that you should have completed a 600km brevet ride from Bangalore Brevets to attempt to do this ride!


Google map of the route    Route map


The elevation profile of the ride. The total elevation comes to around 14.8 km , however the garmin data showed around 13.8km total elevation gain. elevation_profile       Route map 1_RouteMap2_RouteEnvironment




The road for the 1200 in October will be going through three states. The route has enough for everyone, climbs, downhills , flats, highway stretches, quiet rural stretches, noisy town/city stretches, manned controls, unmanned controls, selfie controls, and of course , places where you’ll find it difficult to control yourself. Ooty is the highpoint of the ride, and the ride has been appropriately named. Having said that though there is more to the ride than Ooty. You start with the capital city of Karnataka, go towards Nelamangala, and make your way on the fairly empty highway to Hassan. Once you take off from the highway towards Hassan, you head towards quieter rural stretches to the town of Belur, and from here  head towards Madikeri via Somwarpet. From this point onwards you’ll be hitting extremely quiet sections with very little traffic. you’ll need to use the cue sheet carefully because there will be few towns and few humans to ask for directions should you take a wrong turn. You’ll hit the Hassan – sakleshpur road, take a left and then take a right at Balupet. (This is the time you’ll see some traffic). From here it is fairly rolling terrain till what will feel like forever. Enjoy the sounds and sights of the plantations and the forests that you’ll be passing through. (You’ve already had a healthy appetizer till this point, but here on it will be an endless buffet) And yes, please watch out for the elephants and the Gaurs (Indian Bisons). They have a right of way, please don’t try challenging that.


The stretch from Somwarpet to Madikeri is known for elephant crossings. Please make sure that you follow local directions if there are elephant movements. And phone in to let know the organizers. We can’t predict animal movements. From Madikeri you go to Virajpet and from there go to Kerala to Iritty. You enter a reserved forest which will keep you company on a winding downhill for about 15 kms . Please be advised that most of the plantation and forest stretches are lonely , and you should be riding in groups at night.

The Virajpet – Iritty section is full of traffic, being the only road passing through the forest region that connects non-coastal Karnataka and Kerala that is open at night. Here is the route. Map of the route Right now the registration says 5:00 pm but that might change based on what we work out an optimum time to start. But it is likely to be in the afternoon to evening on the 8th, and end on the 12th morning. Registrations are closed for the ride. Here are the photos taken on the recce recce photos A draft cue sheet will sneak in here in a couple of days.

Here is a one line synposis of the route

Bangalore — Ring road — Tumkur road – nelamangala – Chennarayapatna bypass – Hassan – Belur – Belagodu – Balupet – Shanivarsanthe – somwarpet – madikeri – murnad – virajpet – iritty – peravoor – periya – thalapuzha – mananthavadi – panamaram – kambalakkad – kalpetta – meppadi – gudalur – naduvattam – pykara – ooty – doddabetta – kotagir – metupalayam – annur – avinashi – salem – yercaud – kuppanur – harur – uttangarai – tirupattur – jolarpet – yelagiri – jolarpet – tirupattur – barghur – krishnagiri – hosur – electronics city – bangalore

A lot of effort from a lot of people has gone in to make the route. I will write about that after the ride.

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The Bangalore Summer Solstice brevets

Registrations are open for the five co-terminus brevets in Bangalore. Pick your distance.


Starting point for all the ride


View Larger Map





The master BRM is a series of 5 rides all timed to end around the same time. For the past three seasons, Bangalore Brevets has been conducting this ride on the Bangalore – Pune highway. The turn-off point regressively reduces, we turn back at Belgaum for the 1000km ride, and at Sira for the 200km distance. While these rides don’t feature a lot of climbs or descents, given that they are on a regular highway, since they fall bang in the middle of the monsoon, you’ll still have challenges like heat, cold and sometimes very wet conditions. And of course , given the topography, it won’t be a 100% flat ride. And yes, you’ll have your share of headwinds, crosswinds and tailwinds to spice up your ride.

The Bangalore-Belgaum-Bangalore 1000km ride.
Register for the 1000k here
Starting Location : CCD, Prestige Meridian , MG Road
End Location : CCD, ChikkaBBanavara, Hesarghatta Main Road.
Start time : Thursday 19th June 4 pm
End Time : Sunday 22nd June 7 pm
1000k ride cue-sheet

The Bangalore-Ranibennur-Bangalore 600km ride.
Register for the 600k here
Starting Location : CCD, Prestige Meridian , MG Road
End Location : CCD, ChikkaBBanavara, Hesarghatta Main Road.
Start time : Saturday 21st June 3 am
End Time : Sunday 22nd June 7 pm
600k ride cue-sheet

The Bangalore-Chitradurga-Bangalore 400km ride.
Register for the 400k here
Starting Location : CCD, Prestige Meridian , MG Road
End Location : CCD, ChikkaBBanavara, Hesarghatta Main Road.
Start time : Saturday 21st June 4 pm
End Time : Sunday 22nd June 7 pm
400k ride cue-sheet

The Bangalore-Hiriyur-Bangalore 300km ride.
Register for the 300k here
Starting Location : CCD, Prestige Meridian , MG Road
End Location : CCD, ChikkaBBanavara, Hesarghatta Main Road.
Start time : Saturday 21st June 11 pm
End Time : Sunday 22nd June 7 pm
300k ride cue-sheet

The Bangalore-Sira-Bangalore 200km ride.
Register for the 200k here
Starting Location : CCD, Prestige Meridian , MG Road
End Location : CCD, ChikkaBBanavara, Hesarghatta Main Road.
Start time : Sunday 22nd June 5:30 am
End Time : Sunday 22nd June 7 pm
200k ride cue-sheet

All routes start in MG Road, Cafe Coffee Day , Prestige Meridian Building
All routes end in Cafe Coffee Day, ChikkaBanavara (on Sunday).

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Night ride to Mandya

April 12th 2014, we’ll be organizing a night brevet to Mandya. This is the 1st time we are organizing a brevet that is almost entirely in the night. The idea is to have you ride 200km on fresh legs.

The route is Bangalore – Mandya – Bangalore on the state highway that goes via Ramnagara – Maddur. More details to follow

The ride starts at 20:00 and ends at 9:30 am the next day morning.

There was a mugging incident in our last brevet. So I wish to re-emphasize that Brevets are 100% self supported ride. and yes we cannot prevent these incidents 100%, You are advised to ride in a group, especially on the outskirts of towns.

There will be a patrol vehicle of some sorts — the exact details have not been worked out, but please understand that it is not possible to follow every rider.

Another important aspect is that we will not let any rider ride unless we have convinced that the front head lights are strong enough and the rear light and reflective jacket good enough and visible enough. This is also for your information.


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Tristate – 600 BRM, 22nd Feb

IISc Randonneurs present again the brevet that passes through three states!

On 22nd February 2014, the Tristate 600 BRM, will take you through Sathanur, Kanakapura, Anekal, Hosur, Krishnagiri, Vellore, Palamner, Punganur, Srinivasapura, Chintamani, Chikballapur, Devanahalli.

Event Page : Tristate-600
Registration: http://brevetmgr.appspot.com/brevet/feb2014-tristate/

Please read rules and regulations carefully.

For any queries, drop a mail to kalpesh.rajai+bb@gmail.com

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Comfortably Numb 1000

The nights will be cold, the days will be hot, there will be winds and the roads will be long, riding alone or with company, you’d better be comfortably numb.

Event: Brevet of 1000km
Start: Bangalore, MG Road
End: Bangalore, Hesaraghatta Main Road
Start Time: 23 January 2014, 04:00PM
Time Limit: 75 hours
Organizers: Bangalore Bikers Club (601002)
Cuesheet from last year: http://www.bangalorebrevets.in/routes/cuesheets/belgaum-1000/
Registrations: http://brevetmgr.appspot.com/brevet/jan2014-belgaum/
Registrations Open: 10 January 2014, 00:00
Registrations Close: 18 January 2014, 23:59

Payment: ₹321.0 for registration and ₹400 for the medal.
Payments Close: 19 January 2014, 23:59
Please note that you will need to pay the medal fees with the registration if you want a medal. The medal fee is refundable if you do not start/finish the brevet.

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The Saalumarada 200 brevet

Registrations are closed . There won’t be any on-the-spot registrations. All riders who complete their ride can avail of a medal after paying Rs450 (The medals themselves will come sometime later this year or so)

A quick short writeup about the upcoming 200km ride. The title Salumarada should be a dead giveaway to the folks that know its meaning, and even better, its significance. The word means ‘A row of trees’, and not just any row of trees. The route passes through a stretch of 4km Banyan tree s a little off the Nelamangala Hassan highway. What is significant is that this entire stretch has been made possible due to the efforts of one person. You can read about that person here.

Saalumarada Thimmakka
or here
A childless couple transform a highway

You get to see the significance of the stretch when you pass the town of Hulikal. Suddenly the sun shines down on you ;( Allow me a moments pause as I salute the spirit of a lady who has shown what an Aam aadmi can do — before the term became embedded in the public subconscious.

The route starts from BTM layout , goes towards Ramnagara, where you take a detour towards Magadi. At this point you start forgetting the hustle bustle and pollution of Bangalore, and start soaking in the greenery and the scenery. Continue to Magadi past the monolith of Savanadurga and continue from Magadi towards Kunigal. You take a deviation from the Magadi-Kunigal route towards Kudur which is on the other side of the Nelamangala Hassan highway. Soon after you cross the highway you reach the town of Kudur , after the Kudur bypass begins the row of trees. the stretch ends at the house of Thimmakka-Ajji (as she is called lcoally)in Hulikal. You continue on to the town of Tumkur and return via NH4, ending the ride in the IISc canteen gate

Highlights of the ride
1) I’ve highlighted a 4km stretch in the middle of the ride. But there is lot of greenery throughout.
2) Starts and ends on highway sections. Lots of greenery in between.
3) Passes through the town of tumkur. Lunch options
4) final stretch is the scenic highway of NH4 , the same stretch as the master brevets.
5) No killer climbs here.(Subjective)

Turn right at Ramnagara, towards Magadi

Turn right at Ramnagara, towards Magadi

Ramnagara - Magadi stretch  -- Start drooling

Ramnagara – Magadi stretch — Start drooling

Ramnagara - Magadi stretch  -- Its real

Ramnagara – Magadi stretch — Its real

Crossing the Nelamangala - Hassan highway

Crossing the Nelamangala – Hassan highway

More within the Banyan stretch

The Banyan stretch

More within the Banyan stretch

The Banyan stretch

More within the Banyan stretch

The Banyan stretch

Thimmakka-Ajji's residence , after the Banyan stretch

Thimmakka-Ajji’s residence , after the Banyan stretch

Beautiful late , after Hulikal

Beautiful late , after Hulikal

Control -- Tumkur Town

Control — Tumkur Town

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The no-hype Bangalore – Kolhapur – Bangalore 1200

Ride the 1200km ride from Bangalore. A good way to practice for the next PBP. Registrations details here. 


The actual distance is about 1250 km , to be completed in 90 hours.




Create Maps or search from 80 million at MapMyRide

Draft Cuesheet of the ride

Distance(km) Instruction Comments
0 SO Start Control : Khoday’s brewery, Kanakapura Road 11/07 05:30 11/07 06:30
0 SO North-East on Kanakapura Road, towards Bangalore
1.88 TL Take left towards the Outer Ring Road
19.72 TL Take left on to Bangalore – Tumkur Road
26.6 SO Stay on NH-4 at Nice Road Interchange
72.5 KR Keep Right on Road towards Pune/Chitradurga near Tumkur
113.81 SO Karadevanahalli Toll Gate.
166 SO Pass by Hotel Greenland on left
167.5 KL (Optional)Keep left to enter Hiriyur.
170.6 KR Continue on Main road to exit Hiriyur and join NH-4 towards Pune/Chitradurga
207.5 KL “Keep left to enter Chitradurga, pass by overhead sign welcoming you to the “”City of Forts”””
209 SO “Pass by Union bank ATM, ICICI Bank and LIC office to your left”
208.59 SO “Ride straight past circle with statue, and police station on other side”
209.25 CONTROL “Use any of these ATMs: Canara Bank, Corporation Bank or SBI Bank, Syndicate Bank (on opposite side of road) 11/7 11:40 11/7 19:26
209.5 SO “Keep riding straight, until you come to a circle”
209.55 SO Ride ahead onto a road with a one-way sign towards the bus stand
209.76 SO Pass by bus stand and Syndicate Bank ATM on opposite side of road. The bus stand has stalls open throughout the night.
210.76 SO Cross Railway Crossing
211.7 TL “Exit Chitradurga by passing an overhead “”Thank you”” board, and take left onto NH-4 at the intersection that follows”
302 SO (Optional)Rannebennur entry to left and right under bridge opposite Tungabhadra Ginning: has MORE grocery store; main road joins back NH-4
315.61 SO Pass by Kamath Upachar and Reliance Petrol Pump
361.3 SO Pass by Toll Booth — Bankapur
411.66 TR “Take right at big circle, pointing the road to Hubli”
413.95 KL Keep Left at fork
415.29 SO “Stay On road towards Rani Chennama circle, pass police station on right, Zam Zam on left”
415.79 TL “Take Left at Rani Chennamma Circle, pass Old Bus Stand on left”
416.25 CONTROL “Look out for building with Hotel Tirumala on your right; The same building has an SBI ATM. A little further on the road is the Corporation ATM on your right 11/7 18:10 12/7 09:14
416.27 SO Pass IT Park Hubli on your right
416.57 TL Take Left towards Airport/BypassRoad on Gokul Road
418.75 SO Lots on ATMs on either side of the road
421.5 SO Pass Entrance to Hubli Airport on right
423.3 SO Keep straight at Left T
424.83 SO Keep straight at Right Curve
425.46 TL Take Left after going under the bridge and go through Toll gate
425.63 TL Take Left U to be back on the 2-lane Bypass Road towards Belgaum/Pune
494.6 SO Toll Booth: Hirebagewadi/Dharwad
511.21 SO Go past the Belgaum Exit.Stay on the highway till you approach Kolhapur.
615 KL Keep left , as you approach the Arch on the highway , signalling the arrival of Kolhapur
615.5 KL Stay on Asian Highway 47/NH 4 toward NH Service Road
616.7 SO Go past temple on the left
616.76 TL Take the exit
618.95 SO Go past Shivaji University Main gate
619.5 TR Stay right at the fork.
622.1 CONTROL Maharani statue, this is your mid point of the ride. There is an ICICI ATM ahead(rhs of road, before Indumati Rd intersection) , HDFC Bank if you take a right at the statue(about 300m), and an Axis bank atm if you take a left (about 250m) The left turn goes towards the Rly Stn. You will find a few hotels in the vicinity. 12/7 01:05 12/7 23:26
622.1 U-turn Turn back towards Bangalore at this roundabout.
627.3 SO Take the flyover to merge back to the highway
SO Go past Belgaum
746.65 SO Toll Booth: Hirebagewadi/Dharwad
815.68 TR “Turn right(U) at sign indicating Hubli Airport, and Hubli (6km)”
815.8 SO Toll Booth
815.89 TR Turn Right under the flyover
819.8 SO “Pass by Hubli Airport, en route to Rani Chennamma circle”
824.4 SO Continue Straight at Signal junction
824.8 TR Turn right at Shree Ram Residency
825.1 TR “Turn right, pass by Hotel Sudha?, towards Rani Chennamma circle”
825.53 CONTROL “ATM: Hotel Tirumala Classic 12/7 08:22 13/7 17:17
825.76 TR Turn right at Rani Chennamma circle towards NH-4 bypass
826.92 SO Keep straight
827.58 KR “Keep right, pass by Dargah”
829.84 TL Turn left and rejoin NH-4 at Circle on NH-4
929.5 SO (Optional)Ranebennur on your left: MORE grocery store
1030 TR “Turn right at circle to enter Chitradurga with overhead board “”Welcome to Chitradurga””. There are three mobile towers to your left at this turn.”
1030.77 SO Railway crossing
1032 SO “At M G Circle, keep straight at about 11 o’clock, pass by shop called Valero”
1032.5 CONTROL “ATM SBI/Canara Bank 12/7 15:50 14/7 11:00
1032.62 TR Turn right at Mahaveera Circle
1034.1 SO Exit Chitradurga
1034.3 TR “Under flyover, take right to take the service road which joins NH-4 further ahead”
1058.93 SO Toll Booth: Guilalu
1071 SO Stay on NH4 to bypass Hiriyur; Main road to your right joins NH-4 ahead if you need supplies from the town
SO Go past Karadevanahalli, and Dobbspet-Nilamangala Toll plazas
1215.2 SO Nice Road Interchange
1218.5 SO Keep going straight, across a flurry of signals
1222.1 TR Turn right towards the Outer Ring Road
1240 SO Go past Kanakapura Road
1240.1 End ICICI bank on the left and ATM. Your ride ends here. 12/7 22:16 14/7 23:30
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Fourteen Poets 400K BRM


Ride this new addition to the brevet routes in Bangalore on 5th July 2013. The IISc Randonneurs organize a 400 km brevet on a route which goes up the Yelagiri hills.

Check out the ride details here:

Register online:

See current list of registrations:

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