Can I talk/SMS to somebody regarding registrations?

No. Please e-mail the organizers if your question is not addressed by this FAQ.

Do you issue refunds if I don’t turn up?

No refunds are issued.

Filling the Form

What ACP code do I use?

If you are in Bangalore, then you should use 601002 — Bangalore Bikers Club.

If you are outside Bangalore, you can use 601099 — Independent India — instead. Note that we do not track records for 601099.

The IISc Randonneurs — 601008 — can only be used by members of the IISc Bikers Network.


I do not have online banking, how can I pay?

Please ask a friend to pay on your behalf. You can pay for multiple riders in one payment.Just give details of the payment to the organizer

Can I pay on the spot?

No. We generally do not accept cash during start of a brevet.

How much does the medal cost?

As of November 2013, ACP charges € 5 for the individual ride medals and € 6 for the SR medal. We will charge the ₹ equivalent plus a little more for courier charges.

Outstation Riders

What jersey number should I display on my bicycle?

You can display your own club number or the number we assign to you. Either is fine. Your card will have our number printed, you can add your own club’s number.