Bangalore-Belgaum-Bangalore 1000

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  • Venue: CCD/Citibank
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The longest brevet – 1000 km, Bangalore to Belgaum and back – is not tough just because of the distance. Riders will face heavy winds, climbs, and heat-cold-rain cycles as the event runs over three days.  The path to bliss , as they say, is wet and wild, and sometimes hot.

The Ride

The mammoth 1000km ride, the first ACP sanctioned ride of such a distance in India takes you on NH4 past eight wind swept districts of Karnataka. Passing over the elevated Deccan plateau and bordering the Western ghats, the route covers an elevation range of 430 meters with 3.5kms of cumulative climbs. With rainy squalls and nearly 40kmph head winds at times adding spice to the long winding and seemingly never ending wind swept uphills, this ride is definitely not for the weak hearted!! Last year, 3 people out of 11 who started the ride finished the ride on time.

This is an ACP sanctioned brevet ride, and must be completely self-supported. The ride has to be finished within 75 hrs. This is not a competitive ride.

Ride Summary

Date: June 20, 2012, 4pm. Registration formalities begin 3.30pm.
Start: CCD/Citibank, MG Road, Bangalore
End: CCD, Hesaraghatta Main Road, Bangalore
Distance: 1000 km
Time limit: 75 hours

Please read the rules and regulations for a randonnée. Lights and reflective jackets are compulsory for this brevet. You will not be allowed to start without them.

The rider must return his/her brevet card to the organizers at the end of the brevet for their ride to be homologated. Riders completing the brevet successfully can opt for a medal from ACP, for which the fee will be notified.

Register for the ride here

Please note Brevets are held rain or shine.

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Surface: Most of the route has excellent and well tarred roads on the NH-4. There are a few sections where the road is under repair. The service roads are available for use at these sections, and they too are in very good condition. For the past two years , the onward riders have encountered headwinds, but the return leg has been much easier. Please watch out for sudden crosswinds as well.

Traffic: NH-4 has very fast moving heavy vehicle traffic and riders are advised to take all precautions while riding alongside these vehicles. The traffic density is sparse in most places, but the danger on the route is due to the high inherent mass and average speed of the vehicles ( in the frame of the cyclist ) on this route, leading to a larger net momentum per vehicle as compared to the other brevet routes of the Bangalore series.

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