R80/R70/R60 Honours


From the original page:

The R80 honor requires completion of a brevet series (200, 300, 400 and 600 km) with each brevet completed in 80% or less of the maximum allowed time limit. The R70 and R60 honors are for those who complete the brevets in 70% or 60% of the allowed time, respectively.

Any number of randonneurs can obtain the honors. This encourages teamwork toward a common goal, rather than competition between individual riders.

The same brevets can be used first to qualify for R80 or R70, and later “upgrade” to R70 or R60. (Example: If a rider completes the R70 requirements on the 200, 300 and 400 km brevets, but only the R80 requirements on the 600 km brevet, they qualify for the R80 honors now, and can upgrade to the R70 if they complete a 600 km brevet within the R70 time limit within two years.)

Time Limits (hr:min)

200km 300km 400km 600km
R80 10:48 hours 16:00 hours 21:36 hours 32:00 hours
R70 9:27 hours 14:00 hours 18:54 hours 28:00 hours
R60 8:06 hours 12:00 hours 16:12 hours 24:00 hours


Any randonneur may apply.

Only brevets organized by Bangalore Brevets from November 2011 are eligible for this award.


This award is currently administered by Sreepathi Pai.

Please send an e-mail to rando.iisc@gmail.com with subject “R80 (or R70/60) Application”  and containing homologation numbers of each qualifying ride.

There is no fee, certificate or memento for this award. A list of all recipients will be maintained on the Bangalore Brevets website.