International Awards/Honours

Mementos for ACP Brevet Rides

Successful finishers of a ACP-sanctioned brevet can purchase a medal as a memento of the ride. This is optional and must be paid for separately at the end of a ride. Each medals costs, as of 2013, €5.

(Medals can only be purchased at the end of a successful brevet ride and take up to a year to be delivered.)

Super Randonneur

Any randonneur who completes a series of 200, 300, 400 and 600km rides in one riding season (Nov–Oct) can apply for a “Super Randonneur” medal from the ACP. A longer distance may not be substituted for a shorter ride. A SR medal costs, as of 2013, €6.

NOTE: Only brevet riders from a Bangalore Brevets club can apply for SR through Bangalore Brevets.

(You can now apply online, SR medals usually reach us in January of the following year)

International Super Randonneur (ISR)

The ISR is an award awarded to randonneurs who complete each of the 200, 300, 400 and 600km rides in different countries over any period of time.

More details of the ISR. Apply directly to the ISR administrator.

Randonneur 5000

The R5000 was created by the Audax Club Parisien to honour randonneurs who complete 5000km of riding with at least 1 full series (200, 300, 400 and 600), 1 Flèche Velocio (or its equivalent, our Flèche Hampi) and 1 Paris-Brest-Paris within a span of 4 years.

More Details of R5000. Apply directly to the ACP.

Randonneur 10000

The R10000 was created to celebrate 50 years of the R5000.

More details of R10000. Apply directly to the ACP.

Bangalore Brevets Awards

Starting 2013, Bangalore Brevets has created additional honours to be awarded to randonneurs.

National Super Randonneur

The National Super Randonneur recognizes any Super Randonneur who completes a brevet series (200, 300, 400 and 600km) with each ride in a different Indian state over a two year period starting from the earliest ride.

More Details.

R80/R70/R60 Honours

Based on the Cyclos Montagnards honours of the same name  (with permission), these honours provide experienced randonneurs with new challenging goals: to complete a brevet series with each ride completed in 80% (R80), 70% (R70) or 60% (R60) of the total allowed time.

More Details.