The no-hype Bangalore – Kolhapur – Bangalore 1200

Ride the 1200km ride from Bangalore. A good way to practice for the next PBP. Registrations details here.

The actual distance is about 1250 km , to be completed in 90 hours.




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Draft Cuesheet of the ride

Distance(km) Instruction Comments
0 SO Start Control : Khoday’s brewery, Kanakapura Road 11/07 05:30 11/07 06:30
0 SO North-East on Kanakapura Road, towards Bangalore
1.88 TL Take left towards the Outer Ring Road
19.72 TL Take left on to Bangalore – Tumkur Road
26.6 SO Stay on NH-4 at Nice Road Interchange
72.5 KR Keep Right on Road towards Pune/Chitradurga near Tumkur
113.81 SO Karadevanahalli Toll Gate.
166 SO Pass by Hotel Greenland on left
167.5 KL (Optional)Keep left to enter Hiriyur.
170.6 KR Continue on Main road to exit Hiriyur and join NH-4 towards Pune/Chitradurga
207.5 KL “Keep left to enter Chitradurga, pass by overhead sign welcoming you to the “”City of Forts”””
209 SO “Pass by Union bank ATM, ICICI Bank and LIC office to your left”
208.59 SO “Ride straight past circle with statue, and police station on other side”
209.25 CONTROL “Use any of these ATMs: Canara Bank, Corporation Bank or SBI Bank, Syndicate Bank (on opposite side of road) 11/7 11:40 11/7 19:26
209.5 SO “Keep riding straight, until you come to a circle”
209.55 SO Ride ahead onto a road with a one-way sign towards the bus stand
209.76 SO Pass by bus stand and Syndicate Bank ATM on opposite side of road. The bus stand has stalls open throughout the night.
210.76 SO Cross Railway Crossing
211.7 TL “Exit Chitradurga by passing an overhead “”Thank you”” board, and take left onto NH-4 at the intersection that follows”
302 SO (Optional)Rannebennur entry to left and right under bridge opposite Tungabhadra Ginning: has MORE grocery store; main road joins back NH-4
315.61 SO Pass by Kamath Upachar and Reliance Petrol Pump
361.3 SO Pass by Toll Booth — Bankapur
411.66 TR “Take right at big circle, pointing the road to Hubli”
413.95 KL Keep Left at fork
415.29 SO “Stay On road towards Rani Chennama circle, pass police station on right, Zam Zam on left”
415.79 TL “Take Left at Rani Chennamma Circle, pass Old Bus Stand on left”
416.25 CONTROL “Look out for building with Hotel Tirumala on your right; The same building has an SBI ATM. A little further on the road is the Corporation ATM on your right 11/7 18:10 12/7 09:14
416.27 SO Pass IT Park Hubli on your right
416.57 TL Take Left towards Airport/BypassRoad on Gokul Road
418.75 SO Lots on ATMs on either side of the road
421.5 SO Pass Entrance to Hubli Airport on right
423.3 SO Keep straight at Left T
424.83 SO Keep straight at Right Curve
425.46 TL Take Left after going under the bridge and go through Toll gate
425.63 TL Take Left U to be back on the 2-lane Bypass Road towards Belgaum/Pune
494.6 SO Toll Booth: Hirebagewadi/Dharwad
511.21 SO Go past the Belgaum Exit.Stay on the highway till you approach Kolhapur.
615 KL Keep left , as you approach the Arch on the highway , signalling the arrival of Kolhapur
615.5 KL Stay on Asian Highway 47/NH 4 toward NH Service Road
616.7 SO Go past temple on the left
616.76 TL Take the exit
618.95 SO Go past Shivaji University Main gate
619.5 TR Stay right at the fork.
622.1 CONTROL Maharani statue, this is your mid point of the ride. There is an ICICI ATM ahead(rhs of road, before Indumati Rd intersection) , HDFC Bank if you take a right at the statue(about 300m), and an Axis bank atm if you take a left (about 250m) The left turn goes towards the Rly Stn. You will find a few hotels in the vicinity. 12/7 01:05 12/7 23:26
622.1 U-turn Turn back towards Bangalore at this roundabout.
627.3 SO Take the flyover to merge back to the highway
SO Go past Belgaum
746.65 SO Toll Booth: Hirebagewadi/Dharwad
815.68 TR “Turn right(U) at sign indicating Hubli Airport, and Hubli (6km)”
815.8 SO Toll Booth
815.89 TR Turn Right under the flyover
819.8 SO “Pass by Hubli Airport, en route to Rani Chennamma circle”
824.4 SO Continue Straight at Signal junction
824.8 TR Turn right at Shree Ram Residency
825.1 TR “Turn right, pass by Hotel Sudha?, towards Rani Chennamma circle”
825.53 CONTROL “ATM: Hotel Tirumala Classic 12/7 08:22 13/7 17:17
825.76 TR Turn right at Rani Chennamma circle towards NH-4 bypass
826.92 SO Keep straight
827.58 KR “Keep right, pass by Dargah”
829.84 TL Turn left and rejoin NH-4 at Circle on NH-4
929.5 SO (Optional)Ranebennur on your left: MORE grocery store
1030 TR “Turn right at circle to enter Chitradurga with overhead board “”Welcome to Chitradurga””. There are three mobile towers to your left at this turn.”
1030.77 SO Railway crossing
1032 SO “At M G Circle, keep straight at about 11 o’clock, pass by shop called Valero”
1032.5 CONTROL “ATM SBI/Canara Bank 12/7 15:50 14/7 11:00
1032.62 TR Turn right at Mahaveera Circle
1034.1 SO Exit Chitradurga
1034.3 TR “Under flyover, take right to take the service road which joins NH-4 further ahead”
1058.93 SO Toll Booth: Guilalu
1071 SO Stay on NH4 to bypass Hiriyur; Main road to your right joins NH-4 ahead if you need supplies from the town
SO Go past Karadevanahalli, and Dobbspet-Nilamangala Toll plazas
1215.2 SO Nice Road Interchange
1218.5 SO Keep going straight, across a flurry of signals
1222.1 TR Turn right towards the Outer Ring Road
1240 SO Go past Kanakapura Road
1240.1 End ICICI bank on the left and ATM. Your ride ends here. 12/7 22:16 14/7 23:30
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