The Spirited 600

What is this – 600km BRM

Oh cool, I love long rides and 600km should be a blast! Bring it on

When does it start – 7am IST on Sat. 23rd February 2013.

Whoa that’s pretty early in the morning (yawn!). But, I am a cyclist and I wanna ride this. I’ll be there!

Where do I need to reach – The field in front of Khoday’s distillery, Konankunte, Kanakpura road (Opp. Metro Cash n Carry)

Great, I’ll be there at the start, on time!

When does it end – 11pm on Sun. 24th February 2013


How many hours did you say this ride is –  40 hours

Geez 40 freaking hours! That’s a long time. I’m gonna miss my saturday night party and my cozy bed with the warm quilt and my morning cuppa filter kaapi and the sunday brunch..and.. and.. – So pack all the stuff you need (incl. that warm Rajasthani quilt) and bring it along. We’ll have a car at the start point and you can dump all your stuff in it (after tagging it properly of course) and you can access it on Sat evening (and may be again on Sun early morning). Happy??

Yeah! Sounds good. But, what if I have more questions?

Who to contact for <whatever> – Vasu (

Awesome! Lets do this..

How do I register – click this link   and see how far the rabbit hole goes

Btw, some of my buddies have registered too. Can I know who else has registered, if it is not Classified intel that is.

List of riders –

Further, while the team on this side of the website is busy finalizing the route, controls, start/end time etc. why don’t  you spend a few minutes reading up this blog post by Chiddu, a randonneur in BLR. He shares a few interesting tips about night riding.

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