Bangalore Brevets 2012 Report

The 2012 Season of the Bangalore Brevets just ended, and what a season it was! The Bangalore Brevets 2012 offered 13 ACP-sanctioned brevets, including a massive 1000Km, so that randonneurs could have multiple attempts to reach their individual goals. All Brevets in 2012 were organized by the IISc Randonneurs, with assistance from members of the Bangalore Bikers Club and have provided randonneurs in Bangalore and elsewhere with tough and scenic rides to satisfy their endurance riding urges.  Here are a few highlights of the 2012 season.

51000 Km

Randonneurs in the Bangalore Brevets homologated 51000km across all 13 brevets! That’s a massive number, and is the most distance homologated in India. Overall, Indian randonneurs holomologated 204000km in 2012, so Bangalore Brevets accounts for 25% of the total kilometers ridden!

Honorable mentions go out to: Madras Randonneurs who homologated 39900km and Delhi Randonneurs/Team T3 who homologated 38300km.

14 Super Randonneurs

Bangalore has always had the maximum number of Super Randonneurs since the inception of the Bangalore Brevets, and this year is no exception. We had fourteen Super Randonneurs this year! This is a slight decrease from 2011, which witnessed the making of 16 Super Randonneurs.

Honorable mentions go out to: Madras Randonneurs with 8 Super Randonneurs, and  Hyderabad Cycling Club with 7 Super Randonneurs. Both clubs debuted in the 2012 Season, and we wish them good luck for this season!

2013 Season

The 2013 Season brings us 14 rides, with a 1200km ride for the first time. Also appearing for the first time this year is a team event, the Flèche Hampi, which requires teams of no more than five cyclists to ride at least 360km in a 24-hour period. There are also three new routes this year: the 200km Bangarpet 200, the 200km Anchetty BRM, and the 400km Fourteen Poets BRM. These are tougher than the previous years, and are aimed at continuing our gradual preparation for the 2015 PBP!

The 2013 Season has already opened, and we had a record number of riders for the Bangarpet 200K and the Kolar Gold Fields 300K. We look forward to a wonderful season of Brevet riding!

Updates: Corrections to exclude the 11000km that Delhi homologated in the 2011 season incorrectly included here. Also there were 16 SRs in Bangalore in 2011, not 12 as mentioned earlier.

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